International Scientific Conference: “The global competitive environment: development of modern social and economic systems”, April 21th, 2017 (Chisinau, Republic of Moldova)

Moldova State University,

Faculty of Economic Sciences,

Chisinau, Republic of Moldova,

supported by

Black Sea Research Institute of Economy and Innovation,

Odessa, Ukraine

Conference themes:

Section 1. Modern economic theories and their role in business integration.
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Section 2. The World Economy: New Challenges and the Transformation of International Economic Relations in the context of Integration.

Section 3. Economics and management of national economy: the integration of national models of economic systems.

Section 4. E-commerce and virtual commerce as a business integration tools.

Section 5. Business Economics and Corporate Management: Integration of business structures.

Section 6. The formation and use of human capital: models, processes, and technology.

Section 7. The problems of management and marketing in a business integration.

Section 8. Cross-border cooperation, decentralization and regional economy with

Section 9. Environmental Economics and contemporary environmental issues.

Section 10. Demographics and social policy.

Section 11. Accounting, analysis and audit: national characteristics and global trends.

Section 12. Finance, insurance and exchange business: a strategic portfolio diversification.

Section 13. Modern mathematical methods, models and information technology in the economy.

Section 14. Knowledge management and corporate universities of integrated business structures.

Section 15. Modern problems of business education.


Contact persons in Republic of Moldova:

Galina Ulian Professor, Dr. of Economics, Dean of Faculty of Economic Sciences, Moldova State University

Marian Jalencu Professor, Dr. of Economics, Head of Department of Business Administration, Incubator manager, Moldova State University;


Contact persons in Ukraine:

Shumilova Tatyana, Junior Researcher Black Sea Research Institute of Economy and Innovation

Теl. +38 (048) 709-38-69; Тel.mob. +38 (093) 253-57-15; E-mail:

Organising Committee:

Galina Ulian, Professor, Dr. of Economics, Dean of Faculty of Economic Sciences, Moldova State University;

Marian Jalencu, Professor, Dr. of Economics, Head of Department of Business Administration, Incubator manager, Moldova State University;

Bogoyavlenska Yuliya, Ph.D, Assistant Professor in Economy, Department of Personnel Management and Labour Economics Zhytomyr State Technological University, Ukraine;

Ekaterine Natsvlishvili, Associate Professor, Dr. of Economics, Faculty of Business, Consultant of VET Project, National Center of Educational Quality Enhancement, Sulkhan-Saba Orbeliani Teaching University, Tbilisi, Georgia;

Natia Gogolauri, Professor, Dr. of Economics, Head of Faculty of Business Sulkhan-Saba Orbeliani Teaching University, Georgia;

Martina Diesener, Professor, Dr. of Economics,  Head of Faculty of Economics and Management Science, Universitat Leipzig, Germany;

Olga Chwiej, Associate Professor, Dr. of Economics, freelancer scientist, Poland;

Rita Bendaravičienė, Dr. of Management and Administration, Associate Professor, Dean of Faculty of Economics and Management, Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania;

Shaposhnykov Kostyantin, Professor, Dr. of Economics, Head of Black Sea research Institute of Economy and Innovation, Ukraine;

Yuliana Dragalin, Ph.D, Dr. of Economics, As. Professor, Dean of Faculty of Economic Sciences, Free International University, Moldova.

For conference participation, It is necessary to send before April 21, 2017 to the organizing committee e-mail the abstracts of reporting and on-line application form about conference participation (executive rules are given below).

After consideration of sent to e-mail materials by organizational committee, the announcement about materials getting prestamos en linea and payment details (prepressing and publishing theses, and payment for send mail cost) will be sent to the author’s e-mail. After getting by organizing committee the document copy about payment, the participant is informed (by email) about terms and requirements of published composite book and certificate of participation getting*.

*Certificate is a document proves the candidate’s international experience for the getting associate professor or professor degree, due to the new Order of approval decisions on awarding scientific degrees, is approved by Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Resolution on August 19, 2015 № 656.

Conference materials issues as the composite book of report’s abstracts (in electronic and published variants).

Participation cost is for Ukrainian citizens 400 UAH (for citizens of other countries – $25, except participants from VMU). Participation of scientists of the State University of Moldova is free. All conference participators are provided with composite creditos rapidos book of reports abstracts and participation certificate. Conference participators have a possibility to present the composite book and certificate as the confirmation of international conference participation brain on modafinil.

Payment details are sent to the conference participators with organizational committee information about sent materials getting. Payment check copy must be sent to Unsecuredloans4u committee, e-mail not later than term is noted in the conference calendar.


  1. Abstracts volume is up to five full A4 pages, including figures, tables, list of sources.
  2. List of sources is sent with other materials and must be executed according to the actual requirements.
  3. Abstracts must be typed with text editor as Word, font is Times New Roman, size: for main text ‑ 14 pt, for a list of sources ‑ 12 pt.), interval ‑ one and a half. Text boarders: top ‑ 30 mm, lower ‑ 25 mm, left ‑ 30 mm, right ‑ 20 mm.
  4. Placing text: ‑ alignment “the centre” the name in capital letters (“fat”); ‑ missing line and alignment “the centre” ‑ names and initials, scientific degree, rank, position, (italics, “bold”); indicating the place of the city and country (italics); ‑ missing line ‑ text; ‑ missing line ‑ list of source references.

Abstracts are accepted in Romanian, Lithuanian, Ukrainian, Russian, English, languages of other EU countries.

           Example of execution is added:

Section: The World Economy: New Challenges and the Transformation of International Economic Relations in the context of Integration

 Ivashchenko M. S., Posgraduated Student, National University of Life and

Environmental Sciences of Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine

 Husiev O. V., Candidate of Technical Sciences, Senior Lecturer,

National University of Ukraine „Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”, Kyiv, Ukraine

          Practical aspects of world economy transnationalization:

Formulas and designations are types in formulas editor MathType 6.0 or Microsoft Equation 3.0 as a separate object size: variable – 14 pt, large index – 10 pt, small index – 8 pt, large symbol – 18 pt, a small symbol – 12 pt; Cyrillic, Greek and figures straight – italic

Materials which are executed with violations of given requirements are not accepted for posting at the on the conference discussing and future publication.


  1. Тeo К. Application of least-squares boundary residual method to the analysis dielectric rod // IEEE Trans. – 1995. – V. MTT. – 38. – №8. – p. 1092-1095.
  2. Rozin A.I. Image recovery in a way of equalization / A.I. Rozin, Yu.А. Korol // Electronic connection. – 2000. – №8. – P. 69-71.
  3. Arman N. Orthogonal transformation / N. Arman, Р. Ribo / Trans. From Germ. / Editing by A.R. Tomenko. – М.: Sviaz, 1980. – 248 p.

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